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A to Z Team [2014]

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 Below, you will find another Teaser form Forces of Mist, a work in progress set in Sydney, Australia. I hope you enjoy all 26 teasers being posted throughout this month, for the A-Z Challenge.

Before he approached, she inhaled a large lungful of air and stood in trepidation, hoping he would not divulge her presence.  He looked her straight in the eye as he neared her vicinity and Sandy wondered how he was able to pinpoint her exact location.  It left her baffled as the device she was operating should not allow any penetration.

Mere inches from her; he stopped and bent down as if to retrieve something he had dropped. She carefully moved her head forward, so as not to disturb the rough rock face she was pressed up against, to discover that Jackson had placed an object which looked very much like a com device by her feet.

He quickly stood and brushed himself down, as the officer in charge turned around looking for him.

“What are you doing, Jackson?” he asked.

“Sorry sir, I just dropped my com.” he answered and quickly juggled the device between his hands to add credence to his story.

Once they passed, Sarah remained fixed in her position, but found herself drawn to the mist trailing behind Jackson’s body as he moved forward towards the exit behind his leader.  It seemed to be trying to send some message to her, but her ignorance left her completely baffled by what she saw.



Alex Hurst said...

For some reason, this excerpt reminded me of Alex Mac, that TV drama from the 90s, on Nickelodeon. I don't know why; I imagine this story is far more serious, but it did...

Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan. "B is for Books" is my current post.

Brandon Ax said...

Cool, now I just want to know if he actually saw her and how. Great stuff.

Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

Carolyn Brown said...

Alex - Who is Alex Mac?
Brandon - Thanks Brandon.
It has been great to have so many positive comments on both excerpts so far.

Sarah said...

Very interesting! It definitely leaves me wanting to know more about these two and their world. Good work!

Sarah from Scribbles and Shorts

Wendy Ewurum said...

Carolyne the ploy worked. I am completely intrigued. I have to find out more. hahaha. I look forward to you posts.

xo Wendy @ Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions

susan said...

I wonder what she saw?

Renata said...

Piquing my interest.

randi lee said...

I don't want anymore teasers! I want the WHOLE thing!!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Good excerpt. I look forward to reading more.

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